About Mutts and Mittens

The evolution from being an avid crafter to the owner, operator of Mutts & Mittens came as a result of a real life need. The behavioral issues of one of our canine companions required a very short leash called a traffic leash—like most of us, I wanted the leash that day; however, I contacted multiple pet stores and came up empty handed. Frustrated about the few options available, I went through our ‘dog drawer’ and found a leash that we never really use. I decided that I would cut up the leash and sew the hardware back together in the length that I needed. I whipped out the sewing machine and quickly created exactly what I needed.

During the creation of what solved my immediate need, I thought about how cute it would be to sew cool fabrics around this strong but boring nylon webbing. It was at this time that Mutts & Mittens was born. Mutts & Mittens is the culmination of a love for dogs and an ambitiously crafty spirit.

Our dogs definitely serve as inspiration for the styles of fabric which are utilized for Mutts & Mittens’ designs.  We have two dogs and they both have incredibly unique personalities: our boxer/shepherd mix, Sasha, is a total diva and our husky mix, Sir Lancelot ‘Lance’, is nothing short of a canine comedian.  Mutts & Mittens has a style for all canine personalities! 

Mutts and Mittens is dedicated to not only providing quality products, but also helping to save the lives of dogs and cats who have not been given the privileged lifestyle of our own furry friends. Each month Mutts and Mittens donates 10% of our sales to a different animal rescue or animal welfare organization. 

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