King Kalm Balm

King Kalm Balm

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All Natural Dog Paw Balm "KING KALM BALM" with PhytoCannabinoid Rich CBD Oil, Natural Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey.

Ice & Snow, Rugged Terrain as well as Hot & Dry surfaces are all brutal on your pets paws.
King Kalm Balm is the solution!

KING KALM BALM made with NATURAL and ORGANIC Ingredients. 

  • Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil which is proven to be a great anti-oxidant and will aid in reducing any dermal inflammation.

  • All-Natural Beeswax, this ingredient is great for keeping moisture away from the skin in wet, rainy and snowy conditions. 

  • Coconut oil will aid in moisturizing dry or chapped paws, noses and elbows. 

  • Manuka Honey protects against damage caused by bacteria. Some honey also stimulates production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. In addition, honey has an anti-inflammatory action that can quickly reduce pain and inflammation once it is applied. Net Wt. 1.75 oz

Directions: Apply as needed